Choose Dental Implants for These Benefits

People have been trying to replace teeth for thousands of years. Dental implants have been the biggest advancement in modern dental care.

They can help you replace your missing teeth. We have seen it at our Denville, NJ dental practice. We want you to enjoy the benefits of this service, too. Call 973-370-9753 to make set up a consultation at Denville Dental Studio. Discover how implants could help you.

Secure Your Smile

Implants act as root replacements for missing teeth. This help you keep your restoration (crown, bridge, or dentures) stable. Implants offer better security than adhesives or dental cement used for traditional bridges.

Strengthen Your Bite

Implants are placed in your jaw. This allows you to generate greater force when you bite compared to traditional dentures. As a result, you are able to eat anything you would like.

Improve Your Quality of Life

With implants, you won’t be worried about losing your new teeth. You can eat the kinds of food you need for your nutritional needs and your enjoyment. Your implants also help you prevent bone loss in your jaw.

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